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Articulate Silences has moved to a new home on For those of you who haven’t found us on the new site, here’s what you might have missed recently:

Shaker Loops, John Adams – The US composer’s piece for strings is a hyper-sensual kaleidoscope of rhythm and tempo in which time is a plastic, sculptable material.

Cello Symphony, Benjamin Britten – Bitterness, memory, and love take centre stage in the British composer’s 1963 riverine lament.

Playlist: (Re)turning from utopia – The turn from lofty idealism to an earth-bound exploration of the uncanny in György Ligeti’s late music.

Playlist: Held tones – The music of Giacinto Scelsi uncovered the enveloping depth and nuance of a single tone.

Playlist: Riot at the opera – Since the 1980s, English-language contemporary opera has been injected with radical potential.

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