Update, 3rd March 2015: Articulate Silences has moved to a new home on counter-melody.com, so head over there to see our most up-to-date posts. We’ve outlined our decision to start afresh on a new website in this blog post. Happy listening and, as ever, thanks for reading!


Articulate Silences is a blog which attempts to provide an accessible introduction to 20th and 21st century classical music. Through a series of posts focussing on major pieces, as well as the occasional more obscure work, this blog should act as an entry point for further exploration and discovery of similar sounds.

The guiding philosophy behind Articulate Silences is that no piece of music is inherently superior to any other and with this blog we hope to contribute to the dissolution of perceived barriers surrounding so called “intellectual” music. In providing a listening guide and strictly non-academic, qualitative discussion of the piece in question, we hope to take some of the trepidation out of approaching a piece of classical music for the first time as well as affording some insight into the techniques employed by the composer.

Articulate Silences is run by a small team of committed enthusiasts, few of whom have any sort of formal education in music, and as such we hope to provide a perspective unique to most other writing on classical music.

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Artwork: Composition No. 10, Piet Mondrian